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  1. Hey guys, I've noticed it gets pretty quiet, and I'm a socialistic type of person so with that i have decided to put my skype up it was only time eh? :p well if you want to chat ect, just fun i guess just add benjamyn63

    So Share Share Share! :D
  2. If you Also have Vent or Teamspeak just pass the details across Cheers :D
  3. I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread relating to a community team speak or something. Maybe there is a hidden staff one, but yeah...>>
  4. Not one I am aware of... I personally do not care for vocal chat with strangers... :)
  5. I remember a while back there was teamspeak run by one of the members of the community, can't remember who it was off the top of my head, sorry :confused: I will find out for you though :)
  6. I don't talk much anyway...Not that I have a working mic for my laptop anyway. lol

    I'll chat comfortably all day long!
  7. Found it, but it is titled supporters only, so sorry, can't help ya out here :)
  8. Well i am a supporter :p lol, but i do agree with you Twitch, though getting to know people is key :D
  9. Oh ok then, in that case message a guy by the name of starcraft1535 :)