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  1. Hey guise! :) Finally got my Skype and I'm not afraid to talk to random strangers! If you want to add me my name is Copez5 THAT IS ALL :):):):):) COMMENT YOUR NAME IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE SURE TO ADD YOU!
  2. Mine is the same as my mc :)
  3. Sent!
  4. why not just join the mumble?
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  5. Take a wild guess. Also I only do text chat.
  6. Same as my MC name xD
  7. Barrack_Obama_The4th I am right? :)
  8. I'm ThetruffleHunterZ.
  9. Hehehe I have a Skype southpark3__, the last 2 numbers aren't hard to guess but it's not 47. Hint taken away due to confusion . :/
  10. google says 1.94117647059
  11. soooo.... 1?
  12. Never mind, I'll take down the equation.....
  13. this is what happens when you let teenagers out of school: they forget everything :p
  14. I'll try it and ill add a bunch of you tonight!
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  16. because a lot of people, like me, don't like talking lol
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  17. mumble is just like skype, just less cpu intensive you can type just as easily and dont have to give out email information
  18. not everyone uses skype to video voice chat, even though that is what it is for.. i have it because some friends don't have aim, or facebook, but have that to text with... i don't use it to video chat at all.
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  19. Skype is my new Facebook :p
  20. I have an Instagram so yeah. If you have one my username is the same as this one.