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  1. I use skype daily for my friends on League of Legends, so I thought it would be fun to list skype names for us to talk to each other, since it is free.

    Name: cabester1
  2. EMC already has a teamspeak server(client free) if you want to chat to other ppl here :)
  3. Last I knew it was down since they were no longer hosting it. Plus, team speak sucks pretty hard.
  4. If anyone wants to add me on skype my name is faretheadpk.
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  5. My skype is the same as here: SecretAznEks
  6. Its hosted by some guy stil :) Also teamspeak is just as good as skype, less resrouces demanded, pretty much same sound quality, also free, and you have push to talk :)
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  7. Can be changed from options ofcourse
  8. My name is: meletis.flevarakis :p
    I will create a big call witht the EMC mebers
  9. Yankees518111
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  10. If it's same sound quality then I'll stick with Skype. I get enough "BZZZT BYOOORT BUUZZZZZ" on that I don't need to download some program nobody uses to get that.

    **Was in a bad mood when this was typed. Sorry.
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  11. Username:Waffledude007 Skypename(the one that you can edit): [KS]Waffle

    I'm in a clan >:) It's called Kill Stealers for GE 007 Wii.. I rarely play tho
  12. I'ma add all you guys I have some other good MC friends and bunches of clan members I'm not afraid of people on the interwebs unless its SillyWhiteMage that is..
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  13. Username: marknaaijer
  14. My Skype is: copherfield
    (The name you see is David Copherfield *with a dog avatar*)
    I would also like to add that skype can be also used as a global chat manager, normally people can't talk or are bussy or something so i just chat with them :D
  15. Millions use teamspeak, and if you cobine the ppl that use teamspeak/ventril/mumble (all same types) theres ALOT more ppl using those than skype :) a "Big call" is a joke compared to organized chat rooms. And copherfield u can chat in teamspeak/ventrilo/mumble too :) (also you need to get your death-stuff from my tower! :p)
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  16. 22million people are on skype on average :D
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  17. I am just gonna creep this OwO

    I will add my username in a bit, after I see where this thing goes :p
  18. Green_Mystery
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  19. I didn't think THAT.. :p
  20. hmm it can't be... Green wants to talk to US?... This is INSANITY!
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