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  1. Im looking to establish our wild base called Skyland on smp9. there is a locked chest in the center of town

    owners are Dojodo, Joshposh70
  2. Bump for moderators
  3. ??
    In center of town?
  4. well the center of my outpost is what i mean
  5. I will look into this asap. Please have all other players that have built in the area to post in this thread they approve your claim to this area.
  6. As far as I know there is no other players this is about 60 000 blocks out
  7. Have Joshposh70 second your claim to the outpost, is what NZ is meaning. (he needs to post here.)
  8. Can comfirm, am setting up this outpost with Dojodo on SMP9.
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  9. Location confirmed, a record has been made of your claim to that piece of land. Congratulations!

    Would you like the thread locked or left open?
  10. Open is fine