Skyfall Theater 2.0

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  1. Laides and Gentlemen,
    Boys and Girls,
    I present to you....

    Skyfall Theater 2.0!!!
    As many of you know, Skyfall Cafe & Theater used to thrive with business from all 10 EMC servers. Sadly we had to shut it down due to remodeling of my entire residence. But today, I am bringing it back to the community!!!

    Now we have a better menu, well trained staff, and more plays! We can top any other restraunt in quality and care! Our staff should treat you with the upmost respect. And of course, we have come up with more play rights.

    In all, I am bringing back Skyfall Theater for YOUR enjoyment. I hope everyone can stop buy and watch a show!
    Everything that I had before, (reservations, carry out, etc.), will still be in business. We just changed our name.:)
    Here are some pictures of our brand new restraunt:

    In all we hope you can stop buy and have a meal and enjoy a show at 1103 on Smp-1!!!!

  2. Looks great. I might stop by if i get on. What's the diamond in the theater for though.
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  3. I use that at a pedistol for my stand up commedies.
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  4. Ah. When i first saw it i thought that it was apart of the wall.
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  5. So, like Skyfall Theater 1, are you gonna have shows?
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  6. Yes :)
  7. That looks really cool. Are you able to reserve the entire restaurant for functions?
  8. Yes!
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  9. That you may be getting a pm from me some day soon.
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  10. I have to say, it is pretty nice.
    Who are the staff?
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  11. Currently, we have 2 actors: Gwormn and Fluffinator09. And we have our redstone engineer: fireshadow52.

    We may be hiring soon depending on my schedule.
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  12. Waiters?
  13. Just me. We probably couldn't have more than one b/c we only have one menu.
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, we now can announce that our first big play will premier tonight at 10:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern!
    The name of the play is "The Sheep King". It features several different actors, many redstone contraptions, and more!
    The story is about a Sheep King, and how he finds his way to be the Sheep King, but then it shows his downfall. The show will last about 10-15 minutes, (that's pretty long).

    Thanks, be sure to stop by at 10:30 to see the premier of our newest show "The Sheep King".
  15. I was unaware I was still here, but you know, as long as I get paid :D :p
  16. You volunteered....
  17. Lol.
    Call me if you need any help :p
    (Not for redstone, i suck at redstone xD)
  18. I'm so freaking mad at my internet right now. It broke at like 10 pm last night...
    sorry for no show guys :(
    But I will try to premier it tonight!