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  1. Before some person says "Sky sucks bloop bloop" I just want to share this. If you are gonna comment hating, just watch the video. It is a video of skydoesminecraft singing, and I wanted to share it.

  2. bump
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  3. I'm not a guy but uh..."Sky sucks bloop bloop"

    But that was awesome \o3o/
  4. Its not that Sky sucks, its that most of his FANBASE sucks.

    And the video is good.
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  5. Its ok. You are safe.
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  6. removed bloop bloop removed. cant see it : (
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  7. Woah, the video was removed. 0.0
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  8. Well, I have NO idea how the video was claimed for spam, but I got a new one! :)
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  9. I watched this live and played on high pixels server befor it crashed :p
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  10. He has an angelic voice o.o
    And he's singing about BIBLE characters!
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  11. I'm back, listening to it a second time :D
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  12. bloop bloop bloop
  13. I never knew sky could sing like that :eek:
  14. He probably would have sounded better with an accompaniment.