Skydiving Contests

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  1. Skydiving!
    1. Do not cheat.
    2. Don't be mean to the contest mods. If you are you will be banned from my res.
    3. Have fun!
    How to play:
    Make sure a contest mod is on before doing any of this! First you buy a ticket, which cost 5 rupees. Then you jump and try to land in a hole. You can explore the resident before you use your ticket. The smaller the hole the better prize you get! One ticket only gets you one try, so make sure to practice before!
    How to enter:
    Buy a ticket for 5 rupees when a contest moderator is on! It is on my res on SMP7. The address is 14788.
    Can I donate rupees?
    Yes. If you donate at least 100 rupees you will get 13 corner tickets. These allow you to access the corners, which are platforms that allow you to get to some holes that only corner tickets can get to! The corner holes get you double prizes.
    Can I get advantages?
    Well, if you donate like I said above you can. However you can also purchase a corners ticket for 10 rupees to get access to the corners as well as donating.

    1 Block: Diamond!
    2 Block: Iron
    3 Block: Coal
    Contest Moderators:
    Sometimes lameidl
    Now what?
    Now you can post in this thread if you would like to join. You can also follow this thread. Thank you for taking your time and reading this, and if you like it hit that like button in the bottom right corner! You could also answer this question: Should I double the prices? (I need to not loose rupees doing this skydiving)
  2. This actually is pretty cool! However, I think the prize should be a bit more than 1 diamond- I'll give some rupees to you as soon as I'm back to level 30 (afking).
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  3. 1. Thank you for liking the post!
    2. Okay then what should the prize be? Just like 5 diamonds or something else completely.
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  4. Most people like rupees, as soon as I'm done grinding, I'll send 500r your way.
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  5. Thank you so much! You'r saying the prize should just be rupees? Like.. how about 100 and a contest everyday? or maybe 300 and a contest every 3 days? Since I dont have a store I only get 100 r a day... Maybe someday might get diamond must see what happens at christmas. Supposed to get a new desktop then!
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  6. Sent the 500r, it might not show because I'm still on smp3. Check your rupee history.
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  7. I changed the prize to 100 rupees. Probably not going to have contests as much until I figure out what I'm doing with some things on emc.

    EDIT:I have replaced the prize with a question.
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  8. I have added where is they land on the block that's around the hole, a light goes off telling me they did. It is now almost impossible to cheat if someone is watching.
  9. Have you been doing this for a while?
    I remember doing this before....
  10. I have done it before, but I just started it up again. I left this about four of rive months ago, and now I revived it!
  11. I knew it!
    I remember I was quite bad at it...
  12. [OVER]I will be holding a contest in 40 miniutes (6 PM EST)
    2Tim3Gam3r won but there were only two contestants. It was him and zachary. Zachary left in the middle of it so I gave 100 rupees to Tim.
  13. This needs more exposure.....People in EMC need some fun sometimes and this is a good place to mess around and have a good time and even earn rupees for doing it...I recommend trying it out...Can't beat having a good time and making money while you do it!!!
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  14. [Never Happened] I'm having a contest around 6 PM (EST) tonight. It may be a little early or later. I didn't have internet at the time so it never happened, very sorry for whoever wanted to play but that was probably noone anyway.
  15. This idea is great! I can't wait to see how things turn out! :D
  16. when is the next one?
  17. Well thanks to 1.4.4, probably won't be for a while, or at least until EMC updates. Sorry.
  18. You can downgrade. I would like to partake. I'll donate 1k.
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  19. Emc Most likely wont update to 1.4.4 Because there are to many bugs...So if you really won't to be a rebel you want be on emc for awhile
    2.I won't have internet until Monday. Sorry for the unconvinience.