Sky Tower II Hotel

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  1. I am currently in the process of building the Sky Tower II. The tower is being built on top of my shop at res 19144, on smp9. The tower is going to be an amazing hotel!

    What it will look like:

    What I have currently Built:

    ~~~~~~~~~~Bulletin Board~~~~~~~~~~
    I am currently in search of a interior designer, as the exterior of the building will be the same as the original, but the inside is going to be better suited to be a hotel, if you are a good interior designer, message me with a example of your work!

    I would like some suggestion for the price of renting and buying permanent rooms. The rooms that need pricing go as followed.
    Basic: You get a room that is about 1/4 of the level you are on.
    Gold: Your room consists of 1/2 of the room.
    Diamond: You own the whole entire level.
    Penthouse: The penthouse includes a the owner owning the top 2 levels of the hotel, there will be stairs for easy travel in between rooms.
  2. I would like to but the penthouse.
  3. if you ever get a price for the penthouse and biscuitboy5396 doesn't want it ill buy it, but if he does want it i want to buy a diamond package
  4. I am expecting the price of the pent house to be over 30k
  5. that seems a little much but i'll see when its complete how big the penthouse will be before i decide if im going to buy it
  6. Well I dropped 80k for the Blue Ribbon hotel Penthouse which I hope is completed soon.
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  7. The pent house will be 40x40x12
  8. Just finished the 3rd level and I am almost done on the fourth! I am still looking for a interior designer.
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  9. i will be a interior designer i havnt done much building on EMC only on my server