Sky City Lapis Hotel

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  1. Hey guys, I just finished the first floor and all 4 rooms of my Lapis Hotel on smp5 Res 10057. Rooms are 350r a week (half of regular players daily bonus per week). I am adding some photos and as of 11:16 EST 3/21/12 my Hotel is open for bussinees. Want a room drop on by. (If no rooms are available try back in a few days time, I am adding more floors as we speak!!) Also I have a Free sheep sheering 60x60x6 room undergroud for use to everyone! 2012-03-21_23.09.47.png 2012-03-21_23.10.16.png 2012-03-21_23.10.29.png 2012-03-21_23.11.03.png 2012-03-21_23.11.29.png
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  2. Please reply is interested!
  3. Looking cool, I'll drop by it sometime :D

    P.S. Feel free to check out my plot (It's not trash. I promise!)

    P.P.S Derp, forgot to tell you what server it's on----SMP3----Plot 7231----
  4. i dont like to get higher then 20 blocks
  5. Very nice. Especially since no donation request is included :3. Nice room design.
  6. Can i still sell you some lapis i got 50 blocks
  7. I would buy them as well
  8. Where can we meat
  9. check ur inbox :)
  10. Nooo i need lapis ha ha thanks for the offer though, and let me know if you ever get more... my supply is slowly dwindling
  11. Also if you drop by visit the backdoor when its about to hit day time or night time and you'll see the street lights go on/off depending on time! This was fairly easy to make so yeah :p.