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  1. need a costom made skin highest i will pay 1900 colors blue,purple,lime green:D
  2. I can make you a skin for free. What do you want the skin to be?
  3. like _angel13 but simpler
  4. haha!Welcome to the forums, hopefully you stay. :p
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  5. or it dosent mater anything but with blue or purple .green or black
  6. I found the skin and I will start now. I may be a while.
  7. ok thanks
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  8. olaf_C did u ever finish the skin:p
  9. Derp. I forgot. I am about to go to sleep and I will work on it tomorrow.
  10. Why did you post this thread twice?
  11. he must not know how to bump :p
  12. olaf_c was doing if for free so it dosent matter and he didnt have time to do it so yah and the skin that someone els is makeing me is weird :p