Skin Off!

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Do YOU think we should have a skin off?

Yes I do. 11 vote(s) 61.1%
No! terrible idea! 7 vote(s) 38.9%
  1. Made an amazing skin and want to show it off? Well then if this gets approved you can win money for it!
    My idea is we have a little skin fashion show thingy and get people to showcase their own skins that they themselves have made! Also if we could maybe get a few people to like the idea, maybe the mods and admins will donate for bigger prizes and *THE BEST SKIN*. So lets get this thing public so we can showcase our skins for the whole server!!!!
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  2. What do you mean?
  3. people compare skins and the best one gets a prize and it has to be a skin made by the person that entered it will win a prize.
  4. Not all the people who makes skin plays EMC.
  5. You should make it so that u have to use a skin u made yourself but the prize money goes up a bit for creativity. Otherwise i think it is a awesome idea to have a skin off.
  6. Me and Mandrake tried to hold one of these a while back as we are both skin makers, but only one person said they would participate, so we canceled it.
  7. Yeah that is the problem. We need perm to get it on the front page then that would be awesome.
  8. if a contest/competition is organised enough, Justin will usually add it to the front page. but it wiil need to be structured and show promise
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  9. that was me who entered... oh well, my skin wasnt for nothing... CAUSE ITS BOSS! ;)
  10. Ill gladly join if you get it running! I have a skin that should work very well! :)
  11. Ok so we need to get the word out about it and get as many people to like it as possible. If we can get about 50 people, we can maybe get a front page for this! And also I need other people to help me organize it.
  12. Ok post the skin off on every EMC server. GET THE WORD OUT!!!!
  13. how can you verify the skin is made by the bearer?
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  14. That was exactly what I was just thinking :D
  15. Make an account on skindex With ur username on the forums and title skin " by ---- for skinoff." I do that for my business except change skinoff to player name.
  16. Ok I will soon be making a seperate forum with a sign up sheet on it. All people are welcome and do as MR2R2M did on The Skindex. I'll post here when its up.