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  1. Hey everyone. Looking for a skin that no-one can make. Then come to me. For the price 100r per skin I'm sure to make what your looking for.

    One of my skins. (Swagadelic Slime)

    To zoom in on the skin, hold Ctrl and scroll up with your mouse
  2. i would like i peice of U.S cash that has 100 $
  3. so a 100$ bill skin
  4. got it. That might be a little hard but I'll figure it out.
  5. ok
  6. finsup. Unfortunately it's not too possible for me to make that skin. Although I can make a rich minecraft skin with like $ signs on his shoulders and arms. That OK
  7. Can you make me a Master Chief skin? And one that looks like my profile pic, so basically Halo 3 Master Chief. And please don't make the stereotypical Minecraft Master Chief skin. I hate those. :)
  8. your picture is a little realistic. There is no minecraft skin database that will make it look like the picture. sorry
  9. I can make ghost recon though
  10. sure
  11. I want a Dave skin, (the villager in your image).
  12. I can do that.
  13. Iamsaj I am done ghost recon skin but I need a way to get it to you
  14. I am done dave dangerous popcorn. I need a way to get it too you. I also add a touch of light shadows here and there to make it look better
  15. I'll post a skin and explain what I want done when I'm on a computer
  16. Could you make me a slime in a kinda Assasins creed cloths, (White long cloths)
  17. ill pay you 500rupees for a waffle king skin. head of a waffle a nice crown a nice robe. I have one now but I wanta New one
  18. I can do that.
  19. ok tehwafflez and highbuddy I can make slime head with assassins creed robes easy