Skin Competition Halloween 2015!

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    Starts: October 13th 5:00pm EMC Time

    Where: /v 13017 on SMP6

    Slots: 30

    What to do: Give yourself a spooky skin then go to smp6 and do /v Charmli or /v 13017!


    1st Place:
    Pumpkin named "1st Place Skin Comp!

    2nd Place:
    Pumpkin named "2nd Place Skin Comp!"

    3rd Place
    Pumpkin named "3rd Place Comp!"

    May the spookiest skin win!

    Disclaimer; Sorry these prizes arent that good but im new and will try better next time. :)
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  2. I FAILED CX Im one hour behind emc time and i failed ;-; sorry guys