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  1. I learned a little code. here is what I did with the knowledge :)

    Best Minecraft Servers
  2. Picture isn't working :p
  3. Ha, nice! This is the best I could come up with:
    Best Minecraft Servers
  4. let me do one
  5. wow.
    I would highly suggest against putting a picture of saying you are an admin, when you aren't *wink wink*
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  6. Best Minecraft Servers
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  7. I'm not a graphics artist *wink wink*
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  8. Me neither :(
    we can be frands <3
  9. I never knew that using "inspect element" made you cool. Let me try my hand at this.
    Best Minecraft Servers
  10. POTATO. (Didn't finish because I had to get off. :( )
    Best Minecraft Servers

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  11. How is the site blue?
  12. BTW is your skin an Ultramarine?
  13. In the settings you can change the color template of the site.. :p I love blue.
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  14. *claims to know code* *Doesn't know how to use snip*
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  15. I am hoping to get photoshop soon. I hope I can do well, :D
  16. Its not photoshop. Its a line of Java that your run in your browser that lets you "edit" the page. :)
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