Skilled_Creeper's First Creation! :D

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Skilled_Creeper, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Thank you to the following:
    Skilled_Creeper ;)
    -If I forgot your name I am sorry please comment below and I will be sure to add you.-
    * notices Hayleycolgan's EPIC cobblestone gen. in the left side of the picture :eek: *
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  2. Looks cool mate! Keep up the great building of awesome structures like this :)

    I will be sure to visit it sometime soon :)
  3. epic structure, photobombed by the cactus >.<
  4. Photobombing cactus. How evil.

    Anyone else notice that it is just us three and we are basically spamming the website?
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  5. Great structure, good view from the top too. Nice work Skilled.
  6. I like this :)
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  7. This is awesome Skilled! Glad you finished it!

    I wonder... should I post a screencap of the exterior of my place? I mean, it's far from complete but still...
  8. I am sure I will have another project soon once I have one in mind :) and sandstone + cactus = desert? and yeah it really wasn't suppose to be in it :p sorry guys