Skilled COMPUTER drawer needed

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  1. Hey you drawer! I could really use some help. I've got a photo here(My profile picture), and I would like you to remove the glasses from it, since I do not use glasses anymore :)

    'Preciate it! <3
  2. I could try to do so :)
  3. my bro is AMAZING at this stuff. I'll get him for you if you need it.
  4. gbgurtdhgftduhyghfjgyjuyj.jpg
    as you can tell from this amazing self portrait i am perfect for the job
  5. I did my best and here it is:

    I did this in around 30 minutes. My skills are amazing I know :p
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  6. I took a stab at this as well
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  7. The nose color looks a bit weird. Make it fade in/out.
  8. Well dang guys, never mind, I was beaten to it xD
  9. I see what you are talking about, the solid change there.
    Any better?

    Post one anyway :) Gives him more options to pick from.
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  10. Looks awesome! Looks allot like mines lol.
  11. I think DogsRNice got it covered ;)
  12. Sweet :) Thank you. I looked at yours quite a few times for reference, as I'm very new to photoshop.
  13. I am... Eh... Somewhere between Moderate to new in Photoshop. It's very useful but yet so advanced, its so advanced its hard to do simple things lol.
  14. Wow, thank you all guys! :D <3 Love you all for being so nice to me! :)
  15. Third time I look at it, and it still makes me laugh really hard hahaha x3
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