[SKgamer Important News] Pokémon X WI-Fi Battles Friendly Edition and Empire Minecraft Live-Streams

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Will you come to the Live-Stream in your Time Zone?

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  1. Hello fellow Pokemon Trainers and EMC Players

    Now that I've Started Breeding Pokemon and playing WI-Fi battles on Pokemon X I have a favour to ask and a gift (or 2) to offer.

    Anyone that likes the WI-Fi battles I need you... You see I'm starting a series for YouTube called "Pokemon X WI-Fi Battles Friendly Edition," This is where I battle my online friends in a Normal rules, battle (you choose the battle type) Since its not a competition I'd rather battle people that have my friend code.

    My Friend Code = 3454-1923-6060
    My YouTube Channel = https://www.youtube.com/user/SlowkingGamer
    The Pokemon X WI-Fi Battles Friendly Edition Playlist (Empty) = https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi-nxuhS-fJ1nGUtCRs6zJZ8ssPX-0_89&feature=mh_lolz

    The gifts From Me

    If you beat me in the WI-Fi battle you get a level 1 Slowpoke (pre-evolution to my favourite Pokemon :p) with some egg moves, a random berry and its hidden ability!
    If you lose to me in the WI-Fi battle you get a level 1 Slowpoke with its hidden ability (so you still win :D)
    Anyone that signs up for the WI-Fi Battle will also get a welcome to SlowKinggamer's channel Trochic with some TM/egg moves, a leppa berry and its hidden ability!

    Want a Certain Pokemon?

    I've also started Breeding Pokemon so if you need any LEGIT Pokemon bred I'd be happy to help (Private message me with the one you want) If I currently have the Pokemon you want.

    To Sign-Up

    To sign please leave your friend code and nickname on X/Y in a comment.
    Plus for a special prize to celebrate the start of this series what you think my favorite poison type from generation 5 (Black/White/B2/W2) is Winner will be announced Next Saturday at 1.00pm GMT (10/5/14)!
    Thanks to all of you

    In other news

    I'm hosting two Live-streams on EMC to celebrate the Let's Play reaching 25 Episodes and
    Since I'm hosting them I'll be attending both!

    Live-Stream Time

    UK Live-Stream Time (GMT) = 10.00am till 12.00 (noon) Saturday 24th May 2014
    US Live-Stream Time (PDT) = 12.30pm till 14.30pm (2.30pm) Saturday 24th May 2014
    UK Live-Stream Time (PDT) = 2.00am till 4.00am Saturday 24th May 2014
    US Live-Stream Time (GMT)= 20.30pm (8.30pm) till 22.30pm (10.30pm) Saturday 24th May 2014

    Other time-zone(s) will be added at request (so long as they are US or UK ones)

    If you want to join the group of people going leave you YouTube channel and if you want to commentate (using Skype/Mumble) at the live-streams. I'll send all the people going a PM 1 week the live-streams is due to start.

    Feel free to ask any questions you have.
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  2. Cool idea. I'll tell my brother about this :)
  3. Finn - He thinks your favorite Pokemon is Garbodor - His friend code is 4227-1745-7929 - He has added you :)
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  4. Well That competition is over... I'll add him tonight, trade him the prize and then battle him sometime soon.
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  5. Ok.
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  6. bumping shiny stuff in OP ---^
  7. A test, short, live-stream (not on emc) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6xpPVaLQH0

    To see if I should have one Live Stream I'm at and jump between different peeps recording on each server or have one live stream (per time-zone) BUT upload it through Twitch! Leave your criticism on the the video (but please be nice about it!)

    I'll be uploading more tests (some PvP practise on Emc) today and Friday.
  8. remember me... :p