[Sketch] Captain Lucky

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  1. Something I've wanted to do for a while is draw my Minecraft skin in a pencil-sketch (since I have poor sense in color).
    Well I finally made a version I like, and I think would be worth sharing.


    With birb:
    Gotta love Lucky, the cute little budgie. ;)

    Keep in mind I don't usually draw so I'm not doing this for anyone else :p. Well, maybe except my bud BrenJone. We'll see.
  2. Nice! I like how the bird is sitting there like ''Annnnd ima fall if he moves anymore." xD
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  3. Birb bump
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  4. Well we know the name of the bird (LGB), but what is the name of the owner? Hehe nice drawing!
  5. We are one and the same.
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  6. Yeah right. Everybody knows that you are a bird slave in hurry of scaping. Dont lie to us
  7. I found some art software and decided to give it a shot. So to test, I figured I'd take the sketch I made here and attempt to artificially color it.
    Here's the turnout:

    I really like how it keeps the textures from the original pencil/paper used. There's lots more to learn in the software from a glance at it.

    Here's a side-by-side so you don't have to scroll up:
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