Skate Parks :D

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  1. Does anybody go to a skatepark? I'm going to start at one. I have owned a BMX in the past, when I was 6, and I grew out of my current bike and am saving up for a new BMX. I'm going to be going to this skate park:
    My classmates go there, and I want to begin learning how to use a BMX properly :p
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  2. To dude the one on Washington st. In Christchurch is sweet!
    I don't go to skate parks mainly due to the fact I prefer dirt jumping and freestyle skiing.
    I have the 2010 cannondale "f7" (that's an high end entry level mountain bike :) )
    I have also done a bit of that BMXING that's in the Olympics (the one on a dirt race track)
    It's great fun!
  3. Congrats to you.
    I would break my arms and legs if I ever tried to go to a skate park.
  4. I've been using bikes since I was 3, i've only ever sprained something ONCE.