SkareCboi's EMC Tutorial

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  1. Hey guys,
    I was bored today and had this tutorial in my mind for a while. Just never actually did anything about it. But then today I set my mind to it and after a few hours of work (actually 5-6hrs was doing this in between playing minecraft and chatting on mumble) the outcome was average or ok, donno you can judge.

    Enjoy the first video of this series. Learn how to use /res tpsign correctly
    You can also use the video and refer new players to it as ill be doing that a lot since new players tend to not understand EMC features. Also let me know any other features that can have a tutorial of their own.

  2. This is actually really good :)
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  3. Really handy for newcomers..... We'll done sir :)
  4. Awesome :)

    The way you said "actually" sounds like you expected it to be bad :p