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  1. So I was thinking...

    When ever I need to communicate with a staff member in game I always find myself /who'ing all the servers. This wastes a lot of time, especially if it is an urgent matter.

    My suggestion is that a bar on the side of the site be added that shows which staff are online and which server they are on. This would save a lot of time should you need to contact a staff member quickly in game.

    Let me know what you think :)
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  3. Cool!! Thanks for that... Would be awesome if it could be integrated into the site :)
  4. That is really cool, very useful I hope it's added to the site soon :)
  5. Sorry to be a pain. But those colours really screw with my eyes (I'm colour blind). Just lookin out for others like me.

    Also, perhaps there should be a /staff command that tells people this information but ingame?
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  6. That light green is pretty bright. If you ask Jack, I'm sure he might be able to take it down a notch if it's easy enough. :)
  7. Awesome. Thanks :)
  8. It'd be cool if they could create a new command such as /staff that lists all of the online staff, in game and on the site. Just to make life that one little bit easier.
  9. Did I not just say that? :p
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  10. I just skipped to the bottom. :p
  11. Fair enough :)
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