Single Player help :P

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  1. Hey guys, I was just wandering if there was anyone who has done a minecraft single player world really well. I mean having triple cave spider spawner, ender farm and everthing all close together, also if you have got really good setups like neat enchanting tables etc. If you do pls pm me, and send me the world download, or the .zip file. If you do I will pay you 200rupees. I know its not alot but it will really help me. If its really really good, I might pay more, depending on the world, thanks guys!
  2. So, what exactly are you looking for? The grinder or the base? Or both?
  3. Both, a nice base, with xp farms and al that good stuff. xD
  4. Just search on you tube/google.
  5. Yeh I though about it, and ive tried but there nothing really good, sure there the occassionl ok base, but I wont something that youtube and that doesnt know about xD
  6. But ill keep trying other wise
  7. I suggest using tutorials and building your own grinders and bases. Using someone else's is no fun. :)
  8. You have a point there. Hey I was wondering do you know how to make a cave spider spawner XP farm? I have one on smp7 (Well just the spawner) And no idea how to build one, would you be able to build one, while I watch and then I can use it on my SP worlds? Also youd be welcome to use the farm xD
  9. Unfortunately I can't sorry, too many projects going on. But I mean build it yourself, improve what you want and make it your's. I found this for you as a guide, at least.

    As for your single player base, use your creativity. :)
  10. hahaha thanks so much! I appreciate it. I could never find any tutorials on cave spiders. If you need any thing just ask :D
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