Single player commands help!!

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  1. Hey EMC me (and my brother eligab) are trying to make a custom minecraft survival. so I need a little bit of help for it. One i need a command that will track how much gold I (we) collected. Two, I need a command to make you able to turn points to another item.
    Also I'm playing vanilla and I will take suggestions for this survival. Exceptions are mods. Thx!!
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  3. I will help you.
    First do /scoreboard objectives add Gold stat.mineBlock.14
    Than do /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar Gold
    After you type them your done.
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  5. The second one isn't possible without a massive lag-machine command block thing
  6. Thx ill note that!
    kk I was just wanted this done as soon as possible. It's also for a planned YouTube vid w/ StarRock13
  7. Kk I guess it's gonna be just a piston door.
    Or I could use some sort of heal command w/ trip wire
  8. If you put a command block inside a minecart (depending if you're playing on snapshot or not) ... you can have the command block look for players nearby a certain radius from the block ... since minecart command blocks loop continously - you don't need any extra redstone ...

    if you watch actennisac's video here he did something similar: