Since I am on my third and second last outpost,

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  1. I was wondering if someone could maybe make me a siggy, for when I make it to the fourth outpost.

    It would say : EXTREME OUTPOST WALKER!!!!11" or something like that.

    Also, crazy, any reason why you like my post's so much? :3
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  2. Haha I can't believe you are actually going to finish this. Pretty sweet :)
  3. I saw the activated chunks on the livemap and was wondering who was traversing between the outposts and the main spawn, nice job (crazy guy) :)
  4. I have my reasons.. :p I don't think you need to know.
  5. Thanks! So far, I have had no deaths during all of this, but I have had two near death experiences. The first one was when I decided I was going to jump off a hill into some water, missed the water and had one heart left. The second one was during the night, had three hearts left.
  6. I have had six dogs so far. Four I have had to leave behind, I'm hoping that Steve and Stephanie will keep following me. :)
  7. The island I am on kind of looks like Italy. Also, for the siggy, make it say instead, "You will never know EMC, until you have walked to all four outpost." and have me running or walking.
  8. After taking much abuse, Bear Legit has made it to outpost west! When asked what he wa going to do before he set out for the east outpost, he said " Drink my own piss."
  9. looks like its well protected XD
  10. The outpost? Yes it is! Me? Yes, I am!
  11. im so proud of you, this is UNBELIVEABLE!!!
  12. Thanks! Also, how far have you made it? :)
  13. oh, i didnt leave yet
  14. :trollface: