since 1.9

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  1. I understand the complexity of issues that can occur after a major update like 1.9 and the changes made to EMC as a result. The number of new features added thanks to the EMC staff and dev team will guarantee I'll be coming back for a long time. But...

    I just gotta say, I've been kicked, timed out, lagged out, host communicated on client system disconnected, and even accused of hacking by security protocols, more times in the last week, than in the entire 5 months before that.

    I've rebooted my system, my wireless adapter, my router, my modem...and the game, more times in the last week than I remember ever having to do. The security protocols have accused me of flying hacking when all I was doing was jumping and placing a block over and over.

    I know it will all be fixed, I have every confidence in the dev team for sorting out the issues since the update, but I gotta say, it really has not been fun doing what I would normally do lately.

    This is just a short rant. I don't really want people to jump on this and start using it as an abuse thread on the dev team or Aikar or anything else...just posting that I've been frustrated lately.
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