simple Question....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Leowaste, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. My access signs in town for public use items are not working. I took down the old ones when I got back and "fixed" them to the new changes. Added the space before and after ACCESS and then "everyone" on the second line.

    so it reads,
    [ ACCESS ]

    yet does not work. what am I missing?

    thx :)
  2. im not sure whats the problem ask a admin the questoin or a senior staff. they most likely would now. :)
  3. It has to be directly above the container for everyone to access it.
  4. ya that to it cant be on sides it needs to be right above it to work maby thats ur problem.
  5. Actually no, Leowaste took advantage of a bug caused by Access signs in the last few versions of the EMC platform that caused some sort of bug where you can access nearby containers if there is a access sign nearby. He wanted to make his enchantment station fabulous so he simply placed the sign 1 block above behind the container.
  6. ah thats why. i need to move them forward! THX!