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  1. Would be fun to find this randomly in the wild xD
  2. I use to play sim city 2000 as much as I do Minecraft.

    I never did find out what "Industry needs connection" means.
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  3. A new one is coming out this year.
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  4. It meant you needed more infrastructure to connect your city and its industries with neighbouring cities. Things like seaports and highways.

    I don't think any iteration of SimCity has been as good as 2000.
  5. Gosh, you got me downloading societies now >.<
  6. So had I connected Highways every other block I could have solved that problem?
  7. No, you just needed highways, or even railroads, heading out to the edge of the map, to the other cities. As long as those are connected somehow to your inner-city infrastructure.
  8. "Industry needs connection" It was very frustrating. I have not played any version since then. But it was fun. Now that I think about it, it has alot of similarities to Minecraft.
  9. Where can I find this map?