Simcity? Looking for people to play with.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jeanzl2000, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Hey guys It's me and I'm looking for people to play with.

    I just went into my 14th hour playing the game and I decided that it would be better to play with others. So who else has the game?

    Add me on Origin so you can join the Region (Jeanzl2000)

    Progress of Empire Ville:


    Zandar - 180,000 Residents & 2 Expo Centers. (Tons of Sky Scrapers)

    Zendor - 15,000 Residents & is a industrial town.


    Every City has a Bus Depot (That can take buses between cities)

    and Train Stations (That can take buses between cities)
  2. When I have my new PC (In a couple of weeks) I will play with you, The PC I have now won't run it :(
  3. I think oi moight get oit...
  4. However I think I will wait till price goes down a bit...
  5. Same, I think for £45 its a bit overpriced for a PC game.
  6. Not all PC game but sims, I wouldn't pay £30 for it, maybe £25...
  7. I'll join you when my computer comes in from being fixed. :)
  8. Okay well Just an update.

    I made a region named Empire Ville. (It has 16 city spots)

    So far I only have one big city.

    Also I play on this server I don't know it if matters:

    Oceanic 2
  9. Sorry. Don't have this version of simcity.
    Latest 2 versions I have:
    simcity societies
    simcity 4
  10. Added info.
  11. when i get the game (that will be soon) I would like to join.
  12. username: trollhio (its linked to my xbox account, so thats what it set it to)
  13. I take it you have a apple?
  14. I am most likely getting it today or tomorrow but idk, I have to ask my parents when I can buy.
  15. I perhaps will be getting the game. My birthday is coming up soon... Really soon. If so, i'll be happy to join! :D
  16. Nope, just the crappest computer ever :p
  17. What is the os?
  18. Its Windows Vista, but it doesn't matter about the os its very old (6-7 years old!) And falling apart.
  19. i thought about getting it but couldnt decide, hated almost all the other sims games.. if its as good as everyone says it is i might look into it.