silk touch

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  1. i need a silk touch shovel stone and above
  2. Why a shovel?
  3. Grass,mycelium?
  4. i need mycelium
  5. That can with a pickaxe too....
  6. i just don't want to spend a ton of money on a pick with 50000 different enchantments i just want silk touch
  7. Just do it with one pickaxe, for ores, mycelium, grass, stone, all in ONE!
  8. well how much does one cost at min
  9. I'll sell you one for 6k
  10. You only need *one* block of mycel. it spreads on dirt, like grass. NOTE, it will NOT spread over grass - only "raw" dirt.

    And if you lack one block, catch me on 9, I'll give you one. *and a block of mycel
  11. Diamond Shovel
    Unbreaking 3
    Efficiency 2
    Silk Touch 1

  12. i have all of those except silk touch thats all i want
  13. i bought some micel and i want to take some to my res on smp9 but i cant buy more
  14. I have mycelium at 4439. Go and get it when you have the shovel.
  15. i just want to know how much a silk touch costs