Silk Touch, Unbreak 3, Efficiency 3 Diamond Pickaxe!

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  1. Silk Touch 1, Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 3 Diamond Pickaxe UNUSED
    Reserve Price: 5000r
    Minimum Increment: 100r
    Chest will be set up at lot 4317 on SMP2 AFTER payment is recieved.
    Buy It Now Price: 20k rupees! Just post BUYNOW if you would like to purchase and we can arrange a time for you to collect the pickaxe!
    Messing around will result in exclusion from future auctions. And NO, I will not trade for items! 2012-03-02_16.02.09.png
  2. Buy now
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  3. This pickaxe was bought by NinjaWolfElite for 20000r! Auction is now closed.
  4. epic fail
  5. On whos part:p
  6. lol. epic auction is epic XD
  7. I know, I was too excited, It was cheap and I never stay around long enough for auctions:p