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  1. Hello there I'm from SMP7 and I'm looking for anyone selling a Silk Touch Shovel. It doesn't have to be any fancier than that. If anyone has one, please contact me with your price and where we can arrange the pick-up.
  2. Why would you want a silk touch SHOVEL? Why not a pickaxe? With the ax, you'll be able to collect more blocks. And, at the level of enchant for a silk touch, you'll probably be able to find unbreaking/eff on it as well.

    Also, it's doubtful that anyone is going to run that high of an enchant on a shovel.
  3. I enchanted a shovel yesterday to 50 and got a silk touch, unbreaking III, efficiency IV so yes people do enchant shovels.
  4. Then I pose this question to you... why a level 50?

    A shovel is already fast, so efficiency is kind of useless, in my opinion. I enchant shovels, at low levels, simply for an unbreaking... So I could understand that.

    Also, as I mentioned above, a high level enchant on a pick is much more beneficial.

    Does a shovel have a better chance of receiving certain enchantments, as opposed to a pick? Edumacate me.
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  5. Level 50 in my opinion is the best level to enchant at you have the highest chances of getting better enchants therefor it is worth more.Yes shovels are fast but if you are digging out a res it goes a lot faster to have efficiency on the shovel. Yes you can get more blocks with a pick but if all you want the silk touch for is grass blocks or mycelium then I think it is better to use a shovel
  6. I enchant 20 things a day, a diamond shovel isn't exactly a waste.

    Anways, maybe the poor guy just wants one?
  7. I need one because I'm running a shop that is in demand of mycelium. I don't need unbreaking, efficiency, etc. Just the shovel with silk touch would be PERFECT.
  8. Why enchant shovels? When I was digging out my residence I was enchanting shovels. Nothing beats being able to wave a shovel at dirt like a magic wand and have dirt disappear.

    There are tables and simulators for enchantment, but I think what level's best is subjective. I was mostly doing them between level 30 and 40. If you are going to do it, why not at 50 if that's what you think gets you the kind of enchantments you want?
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  9. Ah. Understood. Mycelium doesn't spread does it?

    I've never had any decent luck at 50. I do 47. I have no idea why, but I seem to have better luck at multiple enchantments at level 47. Most likely, I'm just extremely superstitious?

    Simply stating my opinion.... the pickax is just more versatile :)

    On a side note... has anyone helped this guy out? If not, let me know and I'll try enchanting some shovels....or I'll give you a silk touch pick. I'm sure I have one somewhere. I don't really have much use for them.
  10. Mycelium spreads over dirt that doesnt already have grass on it. You also have to have firespread off.
  11. U only to be lvl 22 to get a silk touch
  12. You use silk touch shovels to pick up mycelium, a valueble rescource.
  13. Yes but if you enchant your shovel to 22 half the time you will get unbreaking II or efficiency II.
  14. you can get silk at 18 yesterday i got silk touch with EFF II lvl 18,
  15. Thanks. Interesting to know. I could have checked the wiki of course, but it's been a long day. If it spreads, then there is no need for "mass mining" it....
  16. I have a shovel with silk touch that I can part with. I'm not sure of the value so make an offer?
  17. I just gave him a silk touch, unbreaking III,efficiency IV shovel earlier so no need.
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  18. oh lol dint see that, just some flames from wanting one.
  19. ...pretty hard to try to help someone here lately. I thought the guy would have better luck finding an axe, and be able to use it for more.

    Forum is full of a ton of "well, actually's" and "ididitonce's"