Silk Touch picks and fortune 3 or 4 picks

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  1. I am looking for either of these types of picks for the cheapest prices possible:
    Silk Touch picks
    Fortune 3 or 4 picks

    If you happen to see one and its too expensive for you or you are selling one post a reply to this thread. Thanks
  2. I sell a fortune 3 and a silk touch picks, just head over to lot 6493 on smp3.
  3. Thanks for responding:). I'll check it out.
  4. I have a Fortune 3 pick on sale, but I can lower the price for you.
    not too low tho :)
  5. I have fortune three picks and silk touch picks available at 5353 on Utopia.
  6. Wow, how lucky are you, Silktouch and Unbreaking III
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  7. Ok, thank you guys. i won't be able to check these out for the next day or so, unless i can get on later tonight.