Silk Touch pick enchanting xD

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  1. So, I have a mob grinder to get exp, and im level 35...Next step is enchanting which requires "skill" xD
    What is a level that generally gets silk touch?
  2. You can get silk touch at level 20 and above. What I'd do is lots of lower level enchants at around level 25 or so until you get one :D That is, unless you want multiple enchantments -- then try enchanting between 40 and 45, I'd say
  3. Ok!
    Now i will try to get a silk touch pickaxe!
    Wish me luck peeps!
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  4. xD Unbreaking 3...I still sold it for 1k (nice deal)
    Only cuz i only wanted small profit and need ed rupees for diamonds...Otherwise i would've spent more time xD
  5. Level 48 enchants have yielded me an unbreak iii silk touch and multiple fortune iii unbreak iii picks so i usually do that level but it really is random got silk touch at 36 as well, depends if u wanna do a higher level and try for unbreaking iii
  6. I have gotten Silk Touch I by itself using a level 18 enchant on smp2.
  7. I used to enchant with 30 to get Silktouch, but now i only enchant with 46or higher. :D
  8. You can get siok touch with low levels but it is quite rare.