Silk touch I pickaxe

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  1. I will buy a silk touch pickaxe for 3000r but that is all I think it is worth
  2. rainbow um lol on the offer bud.. read that thread he linked then give a real offer :p no low ball offers is what hes saying kinda.. everyone should know the difference between market price and store price and auction price :p
  3. Do tell.
  4. market price is when you trade between players ingame usually cheaper.. not by much though although negotiating can bring the price up or down

    store price usually the average price of the item because store owners most of the time do the average price of an item

    and auction price is usually the price you dont want to bid over in an auction usually a bit amount cheaper depending what your going to do with whatever your buying or whatever it is

    forum price is hard to tell I would guess it would be a little over market but under store price and DEFINATLEY over auction because wouldnt you just want to do an auction rather than selling ur pick at a super low price and gamble on how much your going to make :p
  5. Yeah I'm wanting a fair price for it. If you read the forum thread you will see how much profit you can make from a silk touch. :)
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  6. I will give u 3000r
  7. Sorry thats way too low for me. I am looking for a reasonable offer.
  8. Any offers? I'm thinking 10k.
  9. How long does it take to find 1562 diamond ores?

    In theory digging a 1x2 tunnel will expose 8 blocks. Diamond ore occurs in 0.1276% of stone. So you have a 1.0208% chance of discovering diamond each time you mine away a step in your 1x2 tunnel. Or you need to mine 306034 stone to find 1562 diamond ores. Or 25 hours, 30 minutes and 10 seconds (91810 seconds) at constant mining speed of 0.3 sec per stone block using diamond picks.
    The average US hourly wage is $17.75 per hour. So the time taken to mine the tunnel would pay $452.67. If you donated $450 to EMC you are given 742500 rupees.
    1562 diamond ores will sell for 150r each for a total of 234300r.

    Thus I am willing to accept your silk touch pick axe along with 500000r to make the deal fair.

    note:- In the interest of briefness I did not take into account blocks other than stone or diamond ore, nor did I make provisions for hunger, lighting or tools. These would increase the time taken. I also did not account for diamond ore pockets extending away from tunnel. This would reduce the time taken.
    I also haven't double checked my figures so there may be mistakes present.
    Last of all this is a silly light hearted post, I don't think the OP is being too unreasonable (maybe just a little in my opinion).
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  10. Is it a diamond pick?
    You have obviously never seen a Silk Touch Pick being auctioned before...
  11. How long did it take you to work that out! :eek:
  12. Just copying numbers from minecraft wiki and throwing them at a calculator. Not as long as to type it out.
  13. Lol ok. :p
    Prehaps you should post that on the thread I linkedto rather than this thread.
    Anyway I have still got this pickaxe along with a fortune II eff III unbr III
  14. Hey ill pay you 3k for the 1/3 used one you said it would be a cheaper option :p
  15. Hold on you DID say this was a DIAMOND pick right? I mean the 1/3 used one
  16. Yeah they are all diamond picks butnI'm affraid the 1/3 used pick has already been sold. Thanks for your offer anyway.
  17. :(Do you know anyone else who is selling silk touch diamond picks?