Silk Touch I Pickaxe for sale!

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  1. Hi All,
    I have a Silk Touch I Efficiency III Diamond pickaxe for sale. I have used it a bit however (see screenshot) and so it will sold at a slightly cheaper price than most silk touch picks. I am basically taking offers here. I'm on smp6 @ 12534 if u want to talk to me.

  2. I will give you my son for the pickake
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  3. Lol. Not entirely sure thats legal :p
  4. I will give you a new diamond pick with unbreaking 3 on it
  5. i will give you 1 000 rupee
  6. Really .....
  7. ill give u 1500
  8. ummm guys this is worth like 10k +
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  9. jill give u 20kk
  10. this is starting to turn into an auction....
  11. yup
  12. this isnt worth anything more then 7.9k because its almost halfway gone and eff on a silktouch doesnt do much
  13. want better silks for less then u are offering go to /v zabriel on smp3
  14. Someone should either delete this or lock it… calling the SuperAdmin to the scine.
  15. Why whats wrong? I'm telling people that if they want it to make me a reasonable offer and if it's a good offer I will accept.
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  16. Ok
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