Silk Touch Diamond Shovel

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  1. 1 enchanced Diamond Shovel with Silk Touch.
    sensign - SMP1 - 1994

    You can collect Mycelium with it.

    Start bidding @ 500r. Thank you.

  2. i will buy it from you for 2000 right now
  3. Ok, can you join SMP1?
  4. Not right this moment i am at school but i will pay you as soon as i get home
    2Hrs aprox
  5. Sold for 2000r to awtharok!
  6. I buy this ;S
  7. Strawberries, I was confused with the nicknames. I'm really sorry cmbcody! I sold it to awtharok.
    Hope you can forgive me. Next shovel with silk touch will go to you for 2000r.
    I'm enchanting shovels because I want a fast shovel for digging my res.
  9. You can collect mycelium with a silk touch pick. The thing that makes a silk touch shovel unique is that you can collect snow caps when you shovel them instead of just getting snowballls.
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  15. Sensign, if you kept the bid going for say 12 hours, you may have gotten upt to 5 or 6k for that shovel. Just a suggestion. I myself would of paid that much and i am sure there are others. When I do auctions I let it go up to 12 hours after last bid, that way when other auction seekers log on later in the day they have a chance to bid as well. :) Just my preference, and i know we all like rupees, so i figured I would share. Have a great Day! :)
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  17. This is hilarious, I'm gonna try this fruit swearing. :p

    Anyways, I didn't know it was worth that much nightmare32808. Thanks for the info :)