Silk Touch Diamond Shovel

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  1. I have an unused diamond shovel with silk touch 1 on it and I need some opinions of what it is worth.
  2. 1000 maybe

    Because it is shovel. With silk touch on a shovel can you only dig grass blocks
  3. and mycel
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  4. True
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  5. I think most people like the new enchanting system, but sadly silk touch has almost become a junk enchantment.

    Besides grass and mycelium, I use silk shovels and axes for tearing out stuff like glass and save my silk touch picks for mining. If you can't get a price you're happy with, I'd just save it for that.
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  6. You're a liking machine, Mark!
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  7. *like*, I am liking almost everyones post, but only if I like it... :p
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  8. I would say between 750r and 1k.
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  9. Another use would be to use it for Glowstone. That is assuming that a shovel doesn't destroy it. Pretty sure I was using an axe for this at one time though so I'm guessing a shovel would work too.
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