Silk touch diamond pickaxe

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  1. Silktouch Diamond Pickaxe.
    Starting big: 2,500r.
    Increments: 100r.
    Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid.
    I will set up a chest for the winner at my lot or bring to your home at SMP4 after the winner pays.
    No buyouts and no server sales - the last bidder can be sure he owns the pickaxe.
    Good luck!
  2. 621op the auction will be over in a few minutes, but I will be online only tomorrow. If no one overbids you, pay me 8k at your convenient time, and I will set the chest for you on my lot at smp4.
  3. NurglesRott, your bid was a few minutes after 24 hours of 621op expired. But he did not pay me yet, and is not answering here. If he pays before your 24h expire - the pickaxe is his, if not - it's yours.
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  4. ^we dont do this here^

    make your posts worth while, not "bump"
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  5. ISMOOCH - OK, understood.

    621op - if you will not pay in next couple of hours, the pickaxe is going to NurglesRott or whoever overbids him.
  6. Well, looks like 621op disappeared completely. I will be offline max 10 hours. NurglesRott if no one overbids you during next 2 hours, you can pay me 10k and I will set a chest for you on my lot when I return.
  7. OK let me know - I will come by and pay you after that.
  8. NurglesRott the pickaxe is yours, will set up the chest after receiving the payment.
  9. Paid... thanks! Let me know when I can pick it up!
  10. I cannot play right now, so it will take a few hours. I will inform you, when it's there. Thanks!