Silk touch Diamond Pick

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  1. -The enchantments are Silk touch and Efficiency III
    -Bid will start at 5k. Must increase by 500
    -Bid ends 24 Hours after last bid. Must pick up after paying at Smp4 /v blackneko14
    -Any fake bids will result in you not participating in any of my other bids :D
    -Slighty! used
    -ATTENTION Buy now price is 12k!

  2. i got a Silk touch and Efficiency ivfor less than 12k
  3. If you read that is the instant win so please dont comment here again till you read :D
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  4. Firebox360 is winning..
  5. 6k.
    the payment might be a bit late though.....
  6. :eek: not good enough i can pay u when i win

    P.S buy bid is 7k
  7. i earn 1.3k everyday lawlz and im getting 32k
  8. anyways i have ready money now.... 9.5k
  9. so do I :p 10k
  10. You win
  11. it wasnt 24hrs!
    i was going fo 12.5k
  12. i thought it was closed well i am sorry if it wasnt
  13. You should auction this for a longer time period, youll get more money cause people want silk touch (-:
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