silk touch and fortune picks for sale

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  1. hey guys, its me again, and ive been on an enchanting spree. i have gotten 2 silk touch pickaxes and 3 fortune pickaxes

    now i used one silk touch pick on accident and the other has about 1/8 of its bar gone, but still in good shape, the fortune ones i have 2 unused, and 1 that is very very slightly used

    the enchantments are as follows:
    silk touch I efficiency IV
    silk touch I unbreaking III
    fortune II efficiency III
    fortune III efficiency IV
    fortune III unbreaking III efficiency IV

    feel free to comment on what you are willing to pay for each, the fortune II efficiency III and silk touch I unbreaking III are practically unused, both have been used for about 8 blocks, the other two fortunes are brand new, no uses on them, and the silk touch I efficiency IV is the one that is missing 1/8 of its bar, leave a comment down below or send me a message with a reasonable price and we'll get you a diamond pickaxe.
  2. For the silk touch
  3. dang 3k is cheap
  4. seriously, thats not reasonable, ill go 5000 for the fortune II one
  5. id like a silk touch, but all the money i have is 3000-4000r :( :( :(
  6. well i just sold the silk touch efficiency IV today, but all the other picks are still for sale, ill see if i can take a screenshot of their uses and put them up
  7. ill will buy silk touch I efficiency IV/silk touch I unbreaking III for 5k since 1/8 of the bar is gone....
  8. can i get the fortune II efficiency III for 2k? since it is slightly used and all
  9. ill take fortune II and efficiency III for 2.5k
  10. silk touch for 5k
  11. Wow, extremely low prices, I'll put up a screenshots tomorow because I know they're worth more than that. I have sold the silk touch efficiency IV and the fortune II efficiency III but the others are still for sale, the silk touch unbraiding III is almost brand new, it has been used on 8 blocks and the other two fortunes have not been used at all, please offer prices accordingly...
  12. The silk touch unbreaking III is on the far left and the other used one, the fortune II efficiency III was sold that same day, the two unused ones are the fortune III pickaxxes
  13. how do you sell enchanted tools? i have a pick but i have no idea how to sell on my server :L