Silence Of The Lambs

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  1. So, someone decided to have a spam fest on SMP6 with some sheep eggs and they wandered off in a good 4-5 block radius. In all there were probably about 500-600 of them. With the help of some of SMP6's finest, we participated in an event I'd like to call: "Silence Of The Lambs".

  2. Maybe it was the work of IceCreamSheep!
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  3. wow... nice job.
  4. Let me guess it was for science.
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  5. or for teh lols
  6. Nope just for science
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  7. lols he has proof... stand back guys...
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  8. a few minutes silence for the sheep and the science...
  9. Disclaimer: No cakes were harmed in the making of these screenshots <3
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  10. the sheep ate them when u weren't looking.
  11. Nope, but an @** load of sheep were super harmed in the making of these screenshots.
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  12. Smelll that ..... It's cooked lampchop
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  13. Hahah and there guys shows what sort of pm's ICC gets "Can I have some items" :p
  14. What is it with SMP6 and sheep. Yesterday I used up half a diamond sword killing 1000's sheep that someone spawned just outside the wild spawn. Several other players help but their name escape me right now. When from xp level 13 to 20 on just sheep.
  15. Wouldn't eggifying been faster?
  16. What sounds funnier swing a sword/ pouring lava and using wheat to send them to their doom or swing a stick around hmmm tough choice :p:)
  17. I don't have enough rupees to pay 100 per sheep. I did try inside the protected zone in case you got free eggification there. You don't.
  18. Oops wild spawn, my mistake.
  19. I didn't think you needed rupees in town..
  20. Wow, this is a first. It's usually spamming chicken eggs. Aikar's res on SMP7 usually gets filled (if he still has the giant tnt hole). But apparently the cool thing is to spam the town spawn and tutorial with chicken eggs ._.