1. Hey guys, i made sigs before, but, i will still have them here as an option. Now, the sigs now do cost money, but if you truly need one- or do not have to money, i will give it out for free. Now, here are the options:

    Option 1: Name w/ Background

    Itll look like that shape, and that layout, but there can be different backgrounds and font. Different colors for the font as well. These cost around 500-1,000 depending on how extravagant you want it.

    Option 2: Name w/ background & character

    You can have different backgrounds, font, person ( of course ) and a bottom message. The options of the minecraft character is either upper body or just the head. This is EXTREMELY cheap, its only 50r or free!

    Option 3: Signature User

    These, will probably, be the most useless sig EVER. But ya know, who cares? These are 100-500 because they are so frustrating and adds pop up in your face making it take an hour or so, thats why.
    All i need for this is ur user.

    Option 4: Complex Signature User

    I recommend NOT getting these. they are extremely complex and useless. Heh-- they are a ridiculous price.. 1,500-2,000

    Thats it! I will add more eventually, and it might take me a while to get orders because well, im busy
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  2. Seems pretty cool, but you didn't make option 2 did you?
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  3. No, i didnt, but i figured instead of people trying to find the website for them, i would just post them as an option, and as i said, i can give them away for free
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  4. Ok. I was just checking as I didn't want people to pay a lot for something they can get for free :)