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  1. I feel stupid for posting this but...
    How do you make it so on a sign it starts putting lots of little %$^gf$%^5_+-_)+)&*( things and they never stop moving. If you know how or where it tells you how to do it please tell me.
  2. ... could you tell me in what section it's in I did a brief scan and couldn't find it.:)
  3. I believe it is &k
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  4. The Coloured Signs section, near the bottom :)
  5. It is &k but I'n coloured signs I only see the codes for colors....
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  6. Oh. :p There's a guy on SMP7 called Gremlindan, his first res shows all the sign codes and colours - you should check his res! :)
  7. Thanks, that really helps. :D
  8. Cool I've been wondering how to do they random moving text on signs :)