Signatures for sale!

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  1. Hi, do u want a unique signature? Are you sick of your average words? You don't have to wait any longer! I am here! Just like
    My signature the Achievment looking thing down there \/\/
    Pay me 25r What you would like it to say and what picture you would like and I'll get you one!
    Please comment on this thread about them!
  2. I want a better version of my siggy.

    Make it say "How are you gentelmen, all your base are belong to us, and have cat's in the middle. Just payed it to you.
  3. BTW, this is cats.

  4. BTW I MIGhT be able to get him in the middle , if I can't which side,left or right, BTW am on holiday so will get you in one week, sorry. ;(
  5. Its ok. You can make him smaller if you have to.
  6. Umm , when I'm done, would u be able to pay me a bit more? U don't have to. But this one is pretty, complicated. An do u want it to say Achievment get ?
  7. No and sure, I will pay a little more.
  8. Is it done yet? ;)
  9. Wait, why are you paying something you can get for free?
  10. I made mine myself D:
  11. yeh, im doing it now ;)
  12. UHG can't find Cats on the internet! whtas he from?
  13. He's from Zero Wing for the NES.
  14. Note: I'm giving a solid 150 rupees to whoever can create a signature with Knuckles the Echidna, Deoxys and Etna (Disgea) on it. Good luck.
  15. ok ill get right on it darkwellor
  16. Or you could got the website and customize your own completely just the way YOU want it:
  17. I was asking for a request that isn't normally found. Seriously, what sigmaker is able to put Knuckles and Etna on the same level?
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