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  1. I need a signature!
    I will pay you based on the work you did.
    You will get paid!
    I want bubbley letters for my name.
    I want my name to be green.
    The background pink.
    And cartoonish pie in the background.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. nfell2009 makes signatures. quite_indeed still occasionally makes them.
  3. Well I did try his thread, I havent gotten any info back on my signature from him.
  4. I make them
  5. I will have a go! give me 2 days...
  6. We will see when jimbo is done, for now I dont want multiple working on my signature unless your up for a little competition. *wink* *wink*
  7. What you mean by bubbly?
    Err like Bubbles or Fat graffiti type?
  8. Hmm, I dont know how to describe it.
    Surprise me!
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