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Are You Interested In This Service?

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No 3 vote(s) 23.1%
If I had more Rupeees 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. So I Have Recently Gotten An Obsession with Signatures.

    BTW: This is Not a Spartan Inc thing. It is only Me. Do Not Contact Any Member other than Me about this thread.

    I will be Selling Custom Signatures with the following setup:

    500r Per Sitting Skin
    300r Per Standing Skin
    1000r Per Other Skin [EX: Arms Up, Super Man]
    500r Per Signature Section/Link
    100r For the Title
    500r For Non-Default Background [Images are Stretched so Take that Into Consideration]
    125r For Non-Default Title
    125r Per Non-Default Text (This is Per Section/Link)

    Default Background: Black
    Default Title: White
    Default Text: White

    Text and Title Color Options:
    Minecraft Textures
    (Dirt, Water, Sand. Grass)

    Plain or Striped of the Following
    (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange)

    My Signature Would Cost 5850r.

    When the Following Has Happened...
    -You Tell Me What You Want
    -I approve
    -You PM me on forums saying you have payed
    -I let you know I got your Pm
    ...You Know I am Making Your Signature.

    Please only Bump PM's after 24 hours after the last post, I dont want my EMC inbox to be constantly full.

    If I am Forgetting Anything, Let Me Know.
  2. I would love to have you make me a signature, you can talk to me and 6752 on SMP3
  3. Bump!
    I can, but I think talking in a private conversation on the forums would be easier.
  4. Is your signature an example of your works, or do you possible have a few we could see?
  5. I can make a few "Demo Projects" but this is my first successful work that I have done 100% myself.

    [This One Doesn't Fit, but I can make them fit]
  6. Come on guys! I need a project.
  7. PM me on SMP3 sometime
  8. So far I have had one customer. They seemed to have been impressed with the results. If you want a signature please let me know.

    This gets difficult, please pm me on the forums for faster and better results.
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  9. Sorry, but I wouldn't pay so much rupees for a signature, but you have a good idea.
  10. Bump! Let me know if you want one of my signature's guys!
  11. Bump. I have still only had one customer... where you guys at? Lol. Let me know if your interested in a signature.
  12. Still only have had one customer. Where you guys all at?