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  1. Can we get some signature rules on here, as it seems that half of the thread is signature stuff and when people have more than one post it's just a wall of sigs.

    Here is what I propose:

    1. The maximum width of any image(s) is 600 pixels.
    2. The combined image(s) cannot be larger than 200 pixels in height.
    3. Text within your signature cannot be larger than size 2.
    4. The maximum amount of lines is 4 (each image is one line)
    5. Maximum of 150 characters in Signature Excluding BB Code Markup
  2. :O make it 250-300 high and i will agree with that proposition
  3. You read minds autonamus, Jeremy and I were just talking about this earlier today. I do have it on my list of site things to do (place some sort of restriction so that it gets chopped off if too big). But until I get to that can everyone with a huge signature please trim it down?
  4. Great news, keep it up guys. and when my server comes back up from 500 erroring I will get the code from my sites that I use to allow whatever in sigs.

    Actually screw hunting trough code you could always (for now while you do this) add this around the sig call

    <div style="max-width:625px; max-height:250px; overflow:auto;">
  5. ok question when i try add a signature as i picture i cant seem to get it to work....
    how do i make my signature show up?
  6. That's because you did it so very wrong.

    either that or the server did.

  7. Make sure the URL to the image is correct. Currently, it's trying to find an image at: [ridiculously long URL I had to remove]

    Upload it somewhere and use the image URL.
  8. I believe the server isn't handling them correctly because that long URL is actually an base64 code used for encoding
  9. oh ok then thanks i will give that a try

    i had just draged the image to the thing from my pc... tryed to take a shortcut
  10. What would cause that though? Because as far as I know you can't upload a file for a signature.

    Edit: Oh, that explains it :rolleyes:
  11. Okay.., yeah that would do it. I stand by what I said in my first reply.
  12. whats a good place to upload them ?
  13. I recommend imgur. It's simple, easy to use and has a drag and drop feature.
  14. ok cool thanks guys it works now :)
  15. Any update to this, it's still rather annoying.
  16. No update, I am focusing on the large servers update. I probably wont get to site stuff for a couple weeks.
  17. Do you want me to do the site stuff?

    I'll just install XF on my local machine and write /change the code to allow for the website things that need doing
  18. If you have the time to make Add-ons then you can do the signature thing. I am not a fan of just manipulating the Xenforo core framework, because then you end up with a very hard time upgrading in the future, instead I prefer that the proper add-ons are created that can be installed and managed by xenforo.
  19. I do all of my work in addons. being a vB user and all, you're crazy not too.