Signature Needed!

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  1. I need a Signature. Here is how I would like it -

    Signature -

    Backround: A nice clear shot of the sky and a picture of one of the statues at 3660 in a shader mod

    Then me sitting in a diamond chair eating a cookie in the left corner :)

    I would like this made please. You can decide what price at the end.
    Thank you :)
  2. Photoshop time :p
    Would you like me to put the hall of crafting in the backround?
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  3. Sorry, but could you provide a download for your skin? Minershoes isn't working for me :p
  4. How?
  5. how do you give me the download or how isn't minershoes working? :confused:
  6. How do I get a download of my skin?
  7. nvm, I got it
  8. Sorry is it ok if I change it. I have a different idea for it.
  9. PM me, I can do it for free.
  10. Please look at the updated one and ok :D