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  1. Hi everyone!
    So i got a question by someone saying how do i get a signature like yours? It is very easy :) I will be showing you guys how do get the ones that say achievement get. So go to,
    Then click "Achievements" (Next to the home) Next, you can leave "achievement Get!' if you like or change it to whatever you like :) Then you can put the thing that you "got an achievment" like examples like what mine says "Luckiest player on emc" Or "Diamonds", well whatever you choose to pick. Then think of a picture that can represent/describe what the achivement is. You would click the grass block that is on the page, and you will see many different icons. You can choose one from there or go to your internet, choose a picture, like i chose a clover off google to represent "Lucky". Save the picture and then click choose file. Click the file that you just saved. Next click Generate. At the top it will show you how it looks, and if you dont like it just go back and change it :) Next right click the 2nd link (Forum bbCode) copy, then go to, sign in, then go over were it says your name in the top right corner, and click signatures, which is the 6th thing in the line from the left side. Paste that url that you copied in the open box. Next click Save, and there you go a Signature!
    Well i hoped this helped a few people out
    Thanks! :)
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  2. If anyone has questions just post it :)
  3. Achievecraft is pretty cool. I use it in my sig sometimes to advertise my shop on smp1. Though, sometimes the website might crash, and when it does my sig gets all messed up, so right now I'm just using my current sig I found.
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  4. Cool i just thought that this might help out a few people who want to know how to use achievementcraft :)
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  5. If it helps you can download the achievement as a picture and upload it to something like; so if that website is down it'll still work as long as TinyPic is working ;)
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  6. I'll just stick to my glittery purple panda, but thanks anyway! :D
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  7. Well im just trying to help out a few people who want an achievement signature
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