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  1. Hey guys,
    could some one help me with video sigantures? I seem to be having some problems uploading a video.
  2. You mean like a GIF? I don't think you can make a video your signature though.
  3. I guess? Every time I try to uplaod a video it says "invalid URL"
  4. I think they said there's no need for video signatures, as if you are on a tablet or iPad the video shows over the post and you can't read it. Plus with a video as your signature it's cut in half.
  5. Dont you have a video signature?
  6. It's a gif uploaded to imgur and then the
    link inserted
  7. so if i wanted to uplaod a video I would just get it from imgur, youtube, etc?
  8. No, his is not a video. It is a GIF. It is just regular images playing. It is assembled and is called a gif its file extention is .gif It is NOT a video, and you cannot use youtube videos.
  9. That doctor who thing... is that not a video?
  10. No, it's a GIF.
  11. Go to imgur -> Right click on the image -> Copy image URL -> Go to edit your signature -> Click on the tree button -> paste URL
  12. thanks so much!! to all of you:)
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  13. Like the videos?
  14. ... I don't stalk people's profiles so how would I know... -_-

    I'm 453 days old..
  15. Pandas Has told a number of people :p
  16. Wut? :confused:
  17. Am I nice? :) :) :) :) :) Hugz Love
  18. ya